Thursday, July 17, 2008

Language Activities

I had the pleasure to participate in this Summers National FLES Institute of Texas. FLES stands for Foreign Language in the Elementary School. As you can see from my notebook in the previous post, I received tons of ideas to use in the classroom. Here are three activities that are very "Montessori" type activities. You could use these in a Foreign Language Learning center or shelf. At the school I teach, all of the classrooms have shelves with Spanish activities for the children to choose.

This first activity is a card stock that contains the pictures of the vocabulary that you are working on and then clothes pins that have the words that match up to the pictures. You can have cards with all the animals, fruits, numbers, colors, etc... For ease of organizing, I would make all fruit cards on one color card stock, all animals in another color card stock, etc... Then I would put a color dot on each clothes pin to match the card stock. Put the cards in one basket and the pins in another. The picture shown here is a picture I took at the Institute.

This next activity the children match the picture to the words by lacing. Simple and fun!

The last activity I call it "Word Art". I don't know if it has some name but that is what I call it! I have seen this before and I love it. This picture shows a face drawn by the child. Where he would draw the hair he has written the word "hair" in Spanish "pelo" over and over again. "Ojos" "Eyes", "Boca" "Mouth". I can see if we are working on shapes and colors that we can do this by writing the name of the shape around the shape and then the name of the color in color pencil inside the shape.

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