Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sorting and Nature Tray

I am going to start showing you some of the activities I have on the shelves for the kids. These are recent activites I made for them. Today I will show you two sorting activites and one nature tray. I want to first say that my kids are very excited when I put something new on the shelf for about a week. After that week they do not touch it at all unless I pull it off the shelf and start doing it myself. If I see that both the kids have mastered the activity then I just take it off the shelf and recycle the items.

Click on the pictures to make them larger.
The first sorting activity my 4 1/2 year old will use the twizers to sort the buttons by their shape. (I have square, flower, heart and circle buttons). The twizers makes it challenging and fun for him. The twizers are too difficult for my two year old. She sorts these with her fingers. She will transfer all of the buttons to one of the petals. This container can be found at Wal-Mart in the craft section and the Container Store. The kids did this daily the first week I had it out. I am going to change it by putting different items to sort.

This next activity is used mostly by my 2 year old. I purchased these these little farm animals from Targets $1 section last week. She loves these little farm animals, specially the pigs and chicks. She puts the brown bears and black horses together.

The last activity was created by my kids. Last week they were playing outside and just started to bring me things like leaves, grass, and a bird feather. My two year old started by saying "Look mommy, flowers for you. " They were actually leaves. I put these things on a tray and asked the kids if they wanted to keep looking for other things to put on the tray. My 4 year old got very excited about seeing the items on the tray so he brought me other items and my daughter helped him. We had just returned from a trip to the beach and had these shells on the shelf. They love to use the magnifying glass to look at the items on the tray.

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