Monday, August 11, 2008

Spanish letter-sound Association

I have been working on the following a little bit here and there this
summer but no very motivated to get through it!

I've tried to do some research on which Spanish letters to introduce
first to English speakers and really have not found much. I just know I
am not searching correctly. But I did find one source, it makes sense
so I will go with that. I have tweaked it a little bit. I am going to
use this at home and introduce it at my school later and see if the
teachers wish to have it as shelf work for the students.

We will start by teaching the Spanish letter-sound association with the
vowels and selected consonants that are consistent in Spanish and
d, f, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, k, w, z

Second, teach Spanish letters that have two letter-sound associations
according to their spelling patterns.
ca, co, cu, ce, ci: ga, go, gu, gue, gui, ge, gi, güe.

Third, teach letters and their letter-sound correspondences that are
unique to the Spanish alphabet
ch, ll, ñ, rr

Fourth, emphasize phonemic awareness of sounds in Spanish that are
often confused.
b, d, j, silent h, x, v, y, q

So, here is what has actually taken me a while to do. I went through
and found words for all of these. The words are related to the ocean,
animals, fruits, home, school, transportation and numbers. Vocabulary
that I teach at the school and vocabulary that we can find objects for
object sound boxes, spelling, or 3 part cards.

When you print the Spanish words they should be a different color (red
for example) than the English work you have. This will be a clue to the
children that this is Spanish and not English.

Below I have uploaded a file with some words for each of these letter sets.
Please e-mail me if you see a word in the wrong section. For example,
a word that starts with the letter in the first set of letters but that
has a letter from the second or third set of letters. (zorro for example
does not belong in the first set of letters even though it starts with a
'z' since it has a double 'rr').

In the next posts I will show you our $4 moveable alphabet from Target, the sound boxes, spelling with the moveable alphabet, and other language work!
OK - if someone knows how I can upload a text file, please let me know! I can't figure it out.


Laura said...

I don't know how to do the text file on Blogger, but I will kind of describe how I do it on Typepad in case they are similar. On Typepad, right next to where I click on an icon to upload a photo, there is a little icon that looks like a piece of paper kind of that you click on. Then you paste the link to the file in the box that pops up. I really don't know if this will help on Blogger, but thought I'd try to help.

Gigi said...

Looks like I can't upload text files through blogger but I can upload them somewhere else and link to it or use scribd.
I will work on this. For now, if any one wants this file just e-mail me.
Thank you!

N said...
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N said...

I'm sorry I couldnt find your email address to email you the road signs file. If you email me from your email address I'll be happy send you the file.