Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Student Portfolio's

Do you create student portfolio's for your students or children of sample work for the entire year? I find student portfolio's to be such a wonderful way to see how the children have progressed through the year. My son's teacher made portfolio's for the class and used them at our parent-teacher meeting nights. We then got to take them home at the end of the year. I love to look through it and see how his pictures and writing have progressed. This last time I looked through it I noticed 3 pictures he drew. They were titled 'Me'. One was drawn at the first of the year, one the middle of the year and one towards the end of year. They all were basically the same picture but you could see how they got straight, the circles got better and a little more proportionate.

'Me' First of the Year.

'Me' End of the year.

When I went to last weeks Elementary Training, the trainer showed us a portfolio that she keeps of her Elementary students. She keeps some of the small books they create, research, writings, etc.. Here is a picture of that portfolio.
I have always enjoyed having my students create a portfolio of their work. I did it with my high school students and college students and I am going to start doing it with my Spanish Elementary classes.

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Grillos y Canarios said...

I just found your blog. Nice! I teach my children at home using Montessori and we do lots of Spanish as well!