Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My son gave my daughter a Lesson!

Today two wonderful things happened. First, my son came home from school and after a 30 minute cartoon and 30 minutes of riding his bike he started to work on the Spanish materials I put out for him. My soon to be 3 year old just follows our lead and is always engaged in the art work I have out. My son has been the challenge because he never attended Montessori School until now. My daughter on the other hand has attended Montessori school since February of this year. As I started to re-arrange the work on the shelf and swap things my son started to want to work. Both children worked for about 1.5 hours. From about 4:00pm-5:30pm.

The second thing that happened, and I so wished I could have recorded this, was that my son gave our daughter a lesson on the Spanish color matching work. I have seen his teacher give lessons and he did it EXACTLY like her. I just watched from far away where my son would not notice me and at the end I took these pictures.

He got the work off the shelf in a slow and careful manner and said in a low and slow voice "I am going to show you some Spanish work". He used the super low voice, asked my daughter to put her hands behind her back and cross her legs and watch. He sat down and carefully laid out the color cards, He picked the red pom-pom and said "this is *rojo" as he sat it down on the red card, can you say "rojo". My daughter said "rojo" and he said "very good" in that sweet happy teacher voice! He finished showing her the work (and she paid attention) and then showed her how to put it up. I just wanted to jump for joy!!! Maybe he will be a future Montessori Teacher!
*rojo is the color red in Spanish

My daughter then proceeded to take the work off the shelf and complete it!

Tomorrow I am going to post pictures of the Spanish work I have on the shelf at my home and the Spanish work they did today. My son even made up one work for us to put on the shelf!