Monday, September 29, 2008

Spanish Montessori Week 1

This post is about the Montessori School I work at. Just to refresh, I teach Spanish 4 hours a week at a Montessori School. I teach the Primary classes 30 minutes one day a week (Ages 3 - 6 Three classrooms), the Upper Elementary 30 minutes 2 days a week (Ages 6-9 One Classroom) and the Upper Elementary 30 minutes 2 days a week (Ages 9-12 One Classroom). This is Week 3 so I will post Week's 1-3 this week to catch up.

Week 1:
For the Primary classes, I reviewed some of our songs "Buenos Dias"-"Good Morning", "Los Elefantes"-"The Elephants", "Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas y Pies"-"Head Shoulders Knees and Toes", "La Araña pequeñita y grandotota" "The little and big spider", "Adios"-"Good-bye"

For the Lower Elementary we worked on Greetings and reviewed songs "Buenos Dias"-"Good Morning", "Los Elefantes" "The Elephants" and "Adios"-"Good-Bye". Here is the the Greetings activity.

The students were paired up. Each student had a script to read shown in the picture below. Before we did this group work, I presented the lesson in this manner.

Teacher: What do you say when you see your friend in the morning?
Children: "Hello or Hi" I layed out a strip of paper big enough for students to see " ¡Hola!".
Teacher: What do you say back when someon greets you?
Children: "We say Hello back" I layed out another paper strip with the word ¡Hola!.
Teacher: Some times we ask "How are you?" to someone we greet. In Spanish, ¿Cómo estás? means "How are you?".
and so on....

I modeled with a student. I had the paper with the number 1 and another student with the number 2. The number 1 goes first and the number 2 responds. Some students needed a little help and some got it right away and even swapped papers.
Some great questions that came out of this lesson: Why is there an upside down question mark and exclamation point? Why do you say "yama" instead of "lama".

For the next few weeks, I will ask two students to come to the center and do this with me so they get to practice.

Upper Elementary worked on speaking. We reviewed more extensive Greetings, Introducing themselves and others to someone, and asking basic questions to get to know someone like "where do you live", "how old are you", "what is your phone number". All of this is review from last year.

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