Friday, October 24, 2008

Training History 1: Development Of The Notion Of Time - Tally Marks

This past Sunday we began the History Elementary I Montessori Training.

There are two ways to develop the notion of time: through movement and through geometrical and graphic illustration. The geometrical and graphic illustration is recommended for children who are 6 years of age or older.

Lessons in the Development of the Notion of Time section.
Graphic Representation:
1- Tally Marks
2-Measurement of Days
3-Grouping of Days Into Weeks
4-Grouping of Days and Weeks Into Months
5-Measurement of the Year
6-Personal Timeline
The Year and its parts
The Clock-Orientation to One Day

Today I will show the Lesson - Tally Marks

Tally Marks - In this lesson you have asked students over a weeks time to make a mark on the roll of adding machine paper. One paper for the entire class. One student makes the days mark at the same time of the day. After a one week period you discuss with the students how one mark represents the same amount of time has passed, therefore the marks must be made the same distance from each other. Determine what length you will use between each mark (for example two inches). Have the students mark the piece of paper each morning with each mark two inches apart. This will now be a more accurate linear representation.
Make sure the children understand that the length used between in mark is insignificant. The important thing is that you use the same distance between each mark.

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