Thursday, January 8, 2009

Geography Training Part 5: Study of Flgas

Activities with the flags may be divided into three levels.

I. Flag Parts - Classified Nomenclature for parts, simple nomenclature for the flags of continents.

II. Flags in relationship to geography - Pin Maps

III. Flags of each country - the meaning, traditions and customs of flags.

This is a picture of the Pin Maps. The flags are made out of metal. There is a flag with the name of the country, the capital, and the countries flag.

The 3 part board to the right of this picture is a students research. To the right is a World Map that has been laminated, small flags were printed and laminated and Velcro tabs used to match the flag to the country. This can be an alternative to the pin maps.


These are memory cards of children from around the world dressed in native costumes. Each card has the flag of the country and a child with a native dress. I will find out this weekend the name of the game. I did not write it down.

Ideas for Flag work:

1. Make a Flag puzzle: Laminate a small flag of the United States and cut it's parts and place on the shelf for the students to place back together again. They will have to pay attention to see what color stripe comes first.

2. Have the students create a Flag Book for each continent.

3. Make up some kind of game where the students get a stamp in their passports when discovering each country and it's flag. Enchanted learning has passports to print.

4. Make 3 part cards and definition cards.


N from the Learning Ark said...

Great ideas, I can't wait to put some out on the shelves and see how the children like them. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your comments on my blog, the advanced math materials are so amazing it's my favourite area. The training I was doing is 3-6, but I do show some 6-9 materials.

la tribu des terres froides said...

hi, i like your blog, thanks for sharing, can you say me the name of this memory and from who he is? thanks

Gigi said...

I'm very sorry for the delay. I never did find the name of the memory game. I will try to remember next time I am at the training center to get the name.