Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Activites at Home

On the other shelf in the dinning room I have a few more activities for the kids.

On the top shelf I just added these drawers so the kids can keep the work they create. I never had a good place to put all of the crafts they created (all of the paper). Next to that is a file holder that has a coloring book, stickers, and some envelopes. Putting one coloring book out has really worked out well. It is actually getting used!

On the second shelf is the PLAY-DOH work that I always have out just changed it up a bit. The kids can add beads to their hearts and I changed the roller pin. I found this roller pin at target in their $ section.
On the bottom shelf I have the paints that I always have out. Next to this shelf (not in the picture) I have the aprons they wear for painting and next to that is a little table that holds place mats, white paper and construction paper. The kids will tape the paper to their easel for painting or paint at the table.

This picture is from this summer but I wanted to show you the small art table next to the white shelf. I currently have it setup with two chairs but it is really just for one person because it is so small. It contains two cup holders. One cup holder has crayons and the other cup holder I use for water when the kids paint at the table. I purchased the table at Target over a year ago and do not really like it but I am having a hard time finding an affordable wood table that is at least 21" tall and sits two comfortably.... It needs to be tall for my 5 year old. I would appreciate any suggestions!

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MoziEsmé said...

We've been looking for a kiddie table, too - right now Esme is doing all her crafts on the floor. Which really doesn't work for me!