Friday, February 13, 2009

Time Line Rope

Time Line Rope and Labels. This color coded 50 foot rope displays the relative time spans of the Pre-Cambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic, and Neozoic eras.

Last month, my son was studying Dinosaurs in the classroom so I talked to his teacher and asked her if I could make this work and present it to the class.

This is the Time Line Rope I made at home. I had a yellow rope already and some of the spray paint. I purchased the other spray paint colors I needed and created the eras labels on my computer. It took me maybe 1 hour to create this work. I suggest using tape, instead of spray paint so it lasts longer.

The white part of the label is white card stock glued to construction paper. Notice that the label colors match the rope colors. Pre-Cambrian (Yellow), Paleozoic(Blue), Mesozoic(Purple), Cenozoic(Green), and Neozoic eras(Red).

Here are the children using the work in school. The other little thing I added for interest was two little dinosours. When I told the story, I placed the dinosaurs in the era that dinosaurs appeared, Mesozoic Era. This work was very popular. I loved how my son asked me "Mom, what is the Era of the Dinosaurs again?" and then he tried to say it! I am still amazed on how these materials work so beautifully!

We went outside to the playground when I presented this work. Here is the story I told the children as I presented the work. I got the story from


Xia said...

great work Gigi!

Xia said...

Gigi, I want to do this rope with my children. You said your rope is 50 feet long. How about the lengths of the eras?
Muchas gracias!