Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I love Valentines and I love Target $1 section!!!
Here is our fun activities at home for February. I put them out last week and they have been used A LOT!!

On the top shelf there is color pencils, markers, scissors, tape, glue and ruler. The tape is something new I added. The kids love to make signs and tape them around the house and they also make things and use tape more than glue. On the top shelf there is also a castle puzzle from Wendy's. My son decided to put it there because he said it was a "work"!

On the second shelf there is a white basket with a snowman sticker work that has been out since January. Next to that is this work pictured below.

This is a Valentines card making tray. The kids are making Valentines cards for their friends. They have already made and given their Grandma her Valentines card! They love this activity. They are also making envelopes for the cards they make!

On the 3rd shelf is this work that my 3 year old LOVES. I made columns and rows on an 81/2 by 11 piece of paper and then cut the rows out to make these slips of paper. She then puts one stamp in each square. I got this idea from her cutting work at school. At her Montessori school the students put stickers in the squares and then cut the rows and columns. We just stamp!

This is still out from January because the kids are still using it to make snowmen.

On the last shelf is this spooning work. Both of my kids love this one.

I will write tomorrow about the other shelf of activities.
Happy Valentines!


Fara said...

Wow!! It's lovely valentine card making tray... I'm too looking for my kids...

MoziEsmé said...

I'm loving valentines too! We don't have a target, but we're making do with dollar tree... Love your trays.