Monday, March 9, 2009

Geometry Training: Geometry Cabinet Primary

Introduction from the Montessori Research and Developemnt Manual.

In the Children's House, the presentations are at the level of movement and word. This movement is of the eye and had. The children trace the figures with the utmost care. This is done with the standard three-period lesson. The teacher traces each figure and gives its name. Then she repeats the name of each figure as she places it on the mat. She proceeds to the second period, asking the child to show her various figures in response to oral leads. Finally, in the third period, she points to a figure and asks the child to name it. In this lesson, there are usually three figures involved. Very few words are used. The important concept we want the child to absorb is the name of each figure.

Here is a great video on how to present the circle drawer to the Primary Children. Geometric Cabinet Presenation

There are two homeschool videos on You Tube on the Geometry Cabinet...this is NOT the way to do it.


My Boys' Teacher said...

I feel like SUCH an idiot...I still am unsure of what to do exactly.

The circle drawer I understand, thank you.

OK, so the concept we want the child to absorb at the primary level is the name of the figure.

When I use the presentation tray there is a circle, square, and triangle. Do I tell him its a triangle or do I tell him it's an isosceles triangle?

If I simply tell him it's a triangle what do I do when I get to the triangle drawer? Call them all triangles or call them scalene, isosceles etc.?

So SORRY to bother you with this, I know you're busy. All of my manuals say "refer to the materials list for nomenclature." Which is unclear to me right now.

Gigi said...

Starting on page 168 of the Montessori Method from this link you will find detailed explanation on how to present to the 3-6 year old. It is a long link...,M1

My Boys' Teacher said...

Thank you, thank you...

Sorry to be such a pain. I really appreciate the help!


My Boys' Teacher said...

I just realized I actually have that book checked out from the library right now and on my nightstand, I was going to start it tonight.

I'm such a knob....