Monday, March 2, 2009

Geometry Training Introduction

Well, I finished my Geometry Classes this past weekend. We spent approximately 28 hours between two separate weekends on Geometry! It did not feel that long. I LOVE math....I think I say that about all of the subjects, ha! I love everything but felt very comfortable in this class since I knew the concepts. I don't think I mentioned this in my Geography Training Postings but during Geography training, I kept saying "I did not know that...I did not know that...Wow... really?...". Me and half of my class! When it comes to Geography, before my training, I knew less than a 3rd grader! A Montessori 3rd grader that is.
We spent the rest of our time discussing Peace Education. I will be posting in the near future about Peace Education.

Geometry Overview from Montessori Research and Development Geometry Manual I - Elementary Level 1

Level 1 - Children's House and 1st Grade as a review - Exploration of Plane and Solid Geometric Forms
The children learn the forms in a general, sensorial way. For example, the child at this level learns that a square is a sqaure because it has a particular form: four equal sides. No nomenclature. Materials Used: Geometric Cabinet, Constructive Triangles, and Geometric Solids

Level 2 - 1st and 2nd Grade - The child begins to explore the forms and their details. The child learns the properties of forms he is familiar with from work at the previous level. For example: the square has four equal sides and four equal angles. Materials used: Geometry Stick Box, Geometric Cabinet, Constructive Triangles, Geometric Solids, and Geometry Classified Nomenclature

Level 3 - 2nd and 3rd Grade - Concepts of Congruene, Similarity, and Equivalence
Through understanding of these concepts is essential to successful transition to the next levels.
Materials Used: Metal Insets of Fractions (square, triangle), Constructive Triangels, Geometry Stick Box, and Insets of Equivalence
Level 4 - Area
Level 5 - Volume
Level 6 - Relationships

I will leave you with two pictures. This was the first time I had ever seen this material. Lovely, Lovely! It will be used in many of the lessons I will post about.

Geometry Stick Box.

Geometry Stick Box - Relationship Between Two Lines.


Jennie said...

Hi Gigi,

Sorry if you've addressed this in an earlier post, but would you mind telling me where you're doing your training? I think you've mentioned that you're using the Montessori R&D manuals - is that right?


Maria said...


I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and love the way you work with your kids!
Would you mind explaining what you are doing in the second picture?