Friday, May 29, 2009

Great Puzzles

I saw this Melissa and Doug puzzle at the Montessori school I teach at and just had to get it for my kids. The school had the one above, The Continents Puzle but I purchased the United States Puzzle and the Solar System Puzzle. I already have a world map puzzle so I decided one was enough since I plan to make a felt continent map for the kids. My son loved it.

The great thing about these puzzles is how big the pieces are. For the United States map, each state is one puzzle piece with the exception of some of the North Eastern States which are clumped together. I wish they would have not clumped them together... Also, the outer part of the map puzzle lock together but the inside pieces do not lock together. This makes it a little more challenging.

I found these at Mardel but I saw them on line at By the way, I love Mardel. They have so many great teaching resources. Mardel is half a teacher store and the other half a Christian Book store. Check out their online store if there is not a store near you.

Here is a picture of Bella working with her own puzzles while her brother works on his!

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Thanks so much for this post!
I have been looking for something just like this!!!!!
Thanks again
(I love your blog, we are an English speaking home, but will be sending our girls to an all french school so I try to use some ideas from your blog...feel free to check our blog out too!)