Sunday, June 14, 2009

Full Day Working Mom's - How do they do it?

Well, my one week, 8-5pm, Montessori training is over and I survived. What made this week so hard was my husband was out of town. Not only was he out of town but the weather decided to turn for the worse. We had tornadoes, flooding, and very very load thunder and lightning in the middle of the night! This meant no sleep for me because everyone was scared.

All I could think was, "How do full time working parents do it?". How do people get home at 5:30pm or later with kids and begin to cook, play with their kids, baths, get things ready for the next day, etc....? And how do single parents do it? I know that I had to be very organized and have EVERYTHING ready for the next day. The hardest things for me were the lack of sleep, no down time, and the little time I had with the kids. But I can see how when you have to do something you do it and you just keep going not thinking about anything except what needs to be done for that moment or the next day.

I am very thankful to have the time I have with my kids. I don't ever say "I am lucky" because it is not luck. I made this career for myself thinking about kids and how I would want to be home with them when they were little. Now I am thinking beyond the preschool years. I really enjoy our time together and I enjoy the slower pace of life when you don't have a job, meeting or school to be at a certain time!

Well, I will soon share some exciting things that happened this week at the training. One being the Primary (age 3-6years) final presentations. So AWESOME!! You will love what these students presented. We were asked to attend their presentations. I took tons of pictures. Each student took a cultural area and made 3 Practical Life Activities, 3 Math, 3 Language, and 3 Sensorial activities that to go with that Cultural Area. For example: One student's project was on Africa. All her activities incorporated Africa! Stay tuned!

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Alycia in Va. said...

Congrads on finishing your 40 hours week. I don't know how I do it during the school year...although my hours are more like 8-3. But I still find it difficult to "fit" it all in....We just trust in GOD and do the best we can.