Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Fun!!

Although it is not technically Summer, we are in the Summer Mode!

We have started some of our Summer projects.

Here is hubby and the kids working on the wood play set.

Sweet boy had a BLAST sanding the picnic table of the play set and the sides. Can you tell? He told me, "I got to sand with a REAL sander"!! Nothing I would have let him do...does not seem safe but I was not around when he did the majority of the sanding.

Here is hubby spray painting the plastic play house. The sun faded house did not bother me but hubby really felt like it needed a paint job! He is somewhat of a perfectionist! I'll show a before and after picture when he gets done. It really does look nice with the new pain job. He used a special paint spray that is used for plastic.

The splash pool is out. We actually need to buy a new one because the top tube has an air leak.
On my shopping list for water activities: pool, float tubes, beach ball, goggles, and butterfly net for cleaning the leaves out of the pool. I can purchase everything at the Dollar Store "Dollar Tree", except for the pool itself. Notice the pool is at the end of the slide. They will slide directly into the pool. Lots of fun!

Swim lessons have started. I need to take some pictures of the kids in swim lessons. They love the water. I don't know what kid doesn't!

And just lots of overall outside fun!

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