Friday, July 24, 2009

Details on the works on Shelf #1

I was out of town again. This time I was at a conference. Hubby purchased a new cord to download pictures! These are some pictures I took before we went on our trips. I took pictures of some of the activities on the shelf and the kids working with them.


I got this idea from my training. I took a flag and cut it into pieces so that my son could put it back together correctly. I thought this was going to be easy. I was very wrong. He really has to pay attention to the color of the stripe to begin with and also the rest of the stripes.


A very popular work. After working on these, we worked on sewing using felt pieces with a real needle. The children quickly learned how sharp they are! They cannot sew on their own yet. I sit with them for real sewing. I will do something very simple as a small circle or straight line or square. I will trace the pattern on the felt so we can follow it. We may spend maybe 10 minutes each sewing session.


These beads have letters on them. Bella and I worked on how to spell her name with the beads and then made a bracelet.


Bella LOVED this work. I also loved to listen to her as she figured out what came first, second, third. Lots of language here to describe what is happening. I was given these cards by Sweet Boys teacher along with all of the other materials she gave me.


Karen said...

Hi Gigi!!! I love it!! all the activities in special the last one What's first.....!!!!! Beautiful work, Love it!! (Que raro!!!!!) jajaja


Karen said...

Hello again!! I don't know what happend with this post, but I can't see 3 of the pictures!!

I gave you an award on blog, because I love yours!!!! Thanks for share your great and originals Ideas, and your trainnings and all that awesome material!!!


Gigi said...

Thank you for my blog award!!! You are so sweet. I've been so busy lately that have not had time to post more. I have tons of pictures from training, etc... just no time!

I fixed the pictures. I deleted them somehow!!

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