Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New August Work - By the Sea

We gathered lots of sea shells while on our trips. Here I have divided them by porous, smooth, light colored and dark colored shells. The kids really love to look at these with the magnifying glass.

I found lots of learning cards at the dollar section of Target. One of these was US Animals. I purchased two packets for matching. I just pulled out sea animals for matching, Bella enjoys doing this. On the back of each there is information about each animal which Sweet Boy enjoys to hear about.

Here I pulled real pictures from the Internet of sea animals that matched the plastic sea animals for the kids to match. When I showed it to them we went over the names. I will be adding the Spanish and English names for Sweet Boy to match. I sent the pictures to Walgreens for printing so the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I used google picture search and chose to view only Large pictures. The large pictures are great quality for processing.

We are planning a trip to the local aquarium this month and I can't wait to hear them talking about the fish using their proper names!

Another activity that I did not take a picture of is the game Go Fish. I purchased the cards for a $1 but I can't remember where I got them. Any how, they are very cute. They have different fish on them so it is another chance for us to get to know their proper names!


Karen said...

Me encanta!! El de los caracoles está super!! Estuvimos de playa la semana pasada y Mi princesa recolectó un montón de caracoles. A ver que invento!! Y el pareo de animales marinos con fotos, esta ESPECTACULAR!!! lAS FOTOS PRECIOSAS!! Gracias por compartirlas!!


Leptir said...

Hi! I see only 1st picture, but your ideas are great!

Gigi said...

I fixed the pictures! Thank you, Gigi