Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fall School Plans

I have been working for some time on what I will be working on with the kids this fall. I posted here how the kids will be attending a Montessori school half days so I don't need to be teaching everything but re-enforcing and adding the extras: Spanish, Catechism, art, music(although they have music class 1 day a week at the school), and nature appreciation.

Here are some of the books I'll be using. I love the blog Wildflowers and Marbles and got some great ideas on books from The Morning Basket post.

I also had these books which I get ideas from and will use often.

The Morning Basket post by Jen gave me a great idea to do an Afternoon Basket. This will be a way for us to begin OUR time together. I will begin to use our Afternoon Basket on Tuesday even though the kids do not go back to school for another week and a half. Once it is put together and I start using it, I will post about it.

August is all about working on our routines and tweaking (fine tune or adjust) them until they work well for us. My son has now learned what tweaking means! We worked during the week last week on school after lunch just like it will happen when they go to school.
The only thing from this schedule that is not working is that Bella is not wanting to nap. She is 3 1/2 and really needs a nap but it is not happening yet. She hardly napped at home all summer due to our travels and just how busy we kept all summer. I'm thinking when school begins she will be very tired and might nap. But it was all OK. She worked on Spanish with Sweet Boy and I and she actually worked more than he did. She will do ANYTHING as long as she does not have to nap!!!

Our morning and evening routines are working great. The kids really like to look at the charts and see what they have to do next.

I like themes for each month so the September theme will be Healthy Habits (eating and body).

My next post will be on the works the children will have available or will work with me in the areas of Math, English, Spanish, and Sensorial. I know at what level they are in respect to these areas and will begin where they are and go where it takes me.

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