Monday, August 17, 2009

New Works at Home and Spanish

Some new works on the shelf. Two transferring activities: one rice and one bow pasta noodles to transfer with tongs. One simple counting puzzle for Bella. The counting puzzle comes with adding and subtracting. I use the adding and subtracting with sweet boy but not at the moment. I also have a bead activity.

I don't think I've shown these cards I have on the Spanish shelf before. They are to build vocabulary for the children. I purchased these for $6 at WalMart last year. They have about 40 picture/name matching. There are 5 cards grouped by color. It comes with the English and Spanish words to match to the pictures. Here is how I work with the kids. I line up the pictures on one side and the words on the other. I touch the word "La Pelota" for example and say in Spanish "Where is the ball". Then the child moves the word next to the picture while repeating the word.

I also have these 3 part cards. I have 3 part cards for everything: clothing, foods, fruits, parts of the body, home items, parts of the face, animals, etc. Some of these I downloaded from and some I got a copy from the school I taught at.

These cards are kept on the top shelf of the Spanish shelf in envelopes. These envelopes are the library card envelopes. I purchased some from a teacher store and found some at the Dollar Store.


Karen said...

Gracias Gigi!!!, como siempre dandome buenas y excelentes ideas!! Yo bajé hace tiempo ese material de animales y lo utilicé para parear la lámina y el animal, (de figuritas), y lo guarde!!!!! puedes creerlo!! Me encantó el librero de los sobres con las palabras y la lámina!! SABes que lo voy a adoptar!!!jajaja. Me encantó!! y Bella se ve super interesada y concentrada en lo que está haciendo!!!! está preciosa!! Dios los bendiga!!

Sybille said...

The cards are very nice, I'm sure playing this game helps a lot to learn with having fun :)
wish you a good week!

Gigi said...

Karen, Buena idea usar los animales pequenos con este trabajo! Lo voy hacer. A Bella le va a gustar mucho!
Sabes que you adopte la idea de los sobresitos de Montessori for Everyone. El blog de ella tiene un label de "Organization". Ella tiene tantas buenas idea para organizar!

Karen, good idea in using the miniature animals with this work. Bella will love it! I got the idea of the little envelopes from Montessori For Everyone. She has a label titled "Organization" with wonderful ideas!