Thursday, September 3, 2009

Organizing our Learning Materials

Here is what I am doing to help with organizing our Learning Materials. My system has evolved with the more I gather and the more ideas I get from the Blog world!!

First, I loved Laura's idea from My Montessori Journey on having bins for each month of the school year so I copied it! I started by using it just for Spanish materials but I ended up changing it to the months. I have 1 bin for Summer, September, October, November, December, January, February, March/April, and May. In the bins I have themed items that go with that Month. For example: for February I have heart trays, heart stickers, valentine stamps, craft projects, heart cookie cutters for playdough, etc..

Here is a picture of last years shelf with the Valentine theme. All of this stuff gets put in the bin. Also, I always purchase craft items after the Holiday sales when they are 50% off, so all those go here for the next year! When February rolls around, I can just pull out the bin and quickly I can change up their shelves to add interest and/or new craft activities.

I have a closet with boxes sorting my items for Geography, English Language, Flowers, Bugs, Spanish Language, Math, Space, and Dinosaurs. In these boxes I have books/puzzles/3 part cards/small items like plastic bugs. Some boxes are bigger because I have more things. I will change the boxes to bigger boxes as I need to and add boxes as I have more categories.

All of the craft items, extra pencils, pens, tape, glue, etc... is in this cabinet. This is only for their schooling activities. I have my personal office with my personal office supplies. I'm still working on finding a good way to organize the craft materials so if you see any good ideas out there, let me know! The two bottom drawers are for general practical life items and general craft items.


Leptir said...

Very nice :-)
I'm going to organize my closets with Montessori materials too.

Karen said...

Nice Gigi!!! I love that!! the theme boxes I just LOVE YOUR FEBRUARY shelf!! and I love the idea of making theme works (like w the buttlerflies!!) Gracias!!