Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet Boys Classroom

Sweet Boy - that is my son and this is what we actually call him most of the time because he is sooo sweet. His teachers adore him because he is so kind, helpful and concerned for others. He walks his sister inside her classroom EVERY morning. Here we are at Open house. He showed us around his room and showed us some works.

My husband taking a picture of him!
I see some music and math works in the background.

The kitchen in his classroom. Notice that it is not as busy and "cute" as Bella's classroom. His room is not as cluttered. I'm not saying there is anything bad about her classroom, I actually like all the "cute" stuff!

Practical Life area.

Not sure what all of the works are back there. But another shot of the classroom.


On my next post I will show pictures of the porches. All rooms in the school have a porch area with tables to do works, washing work are done here, and art easels are outside for painting work.

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Karen said...

he's so focus!!! nice pictures and a GREAT CLASSROOM!!! I know that they are so proud of their work!! Congratulations!!!