Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Fall Works

Grande, Mediano, Pequeño

Large, Medium, Small
The challenge here for Bella is to say it in Spanish!

Adding acorns.

Recognizing the numbers and counting the correct number of beads.

Transferring fall color pom-pons. First with just the fingers. I will then change to tongs and then to a spoon for variation and level of difficulty.

It is raining leaves in our area, so this is perfect for this time of the year!

I just purchased these leave shaped sponges today at Hobby Lobby, 50% off. I love them and I know when the kids actually notice them, they will love them to! By looking at my picture I see that I am missing the paper plates. They will place some paint on a paper plate and then dip the sponge and stamp their paper.

Pin Punching what I think is a flower. I like to take the many cookie cutters we use for play-do and trace them on these little construction papers so the kids have different shapes to pin-punch.

Tracing by numbers or letters. A favorite for both the kids. These are from a Halloween activity book. I tore them out, rolled them up and placed them inside a little pumpkin.

Notice the many pictures of Bella working but not many of Sweet-Boy. He has been working a lot with math at school so I have not put anything out for him having to do with math. We are working at home more on writing, spelling, beginning sounds, ending sounds, sight words and reading. I will take some pictures of what I am doing with him this week, I just keep forgetting. He also likes to do pin punching of the maps. He takes out the country, traces it and pin-punches it.


Loved Ever said...

Very nice way to learn.
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Heather Feather said...

Where did you find a pincushion like that?

Gigi said...

Heather, the pin cushion that I use for pin punching is the top of a box. The top of the box is cushioned and then wrapped in this fabric. I place it the other way on the shelf with the pin for punching and the traced pictures for punching out!

I've also seen those small rug samples you can find for a few dollars at home depot. You can just cut them in smaller squares.

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