Monday, December 28, 2009


Peanut is what my husband called the baby when we, as a family, went to the first sonogram appointment. Baby was as big as a Peanut! Well, he has stayed Peanut since. A few weeks ago Bella told us that we cannot call the baby Peanut because people will want to eat him!!

Here is Peanut!
Christmas Eve at my Sister In-Laws Home.

My sweet hubby.


Karen said...

Que linda Gigi!! Se ven muy lindos juntos!!! Felicidades!!

2 Pequenos Traviesos said...

Hahaha! I'm still laughing about the peanut. That's a very smart observation from Bella. And you look very cute, Gigi. I just LOVE the way pregnant women look!!!
Happy Holidays!!!

Gigi said...

Gracias Karen y Evelyn!

Gaby said...

Hola Gigi
I found your blog recently and really like it. I am also speak Spanish at home to my kids and am currently trying to start up my own blog. Please come by and visit me and leave me any advise you have on how to make it better :)


Leptir said...

Hi Gigi! Happy New Year! I have a little surprise for you! I gave you The Sunshine Award! Check it out :-)