Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nieve - Snow

This month we are going to talk about snow. Here are some science snow activities to choose from!

Nieve begins with an N. Worksheet to use for an N craft. From Primera Escuela.

Snowman Necklaces Work

For this Necklaces the child will get a string and string snowman faces, pieces of straw and beads!

I got the beads from Michael's. It was a little bag with all of these beads in the Christmas section. Probably 60% off now! Here is the file I made for the snowman faces. I just cut them out and punched a small hole at the top of each snowman face. I printed it on card stock.

Matching Snowflakes or Memory Game for older kids

I made these last year after reading about it at My Montessori Journey.
My Montessori Journey has great Winter Activities. Look in her Archives - January 2009.


gaby said...

thanks for the links and for posting these winter activities- you've inspired me!

Gaby said...

I nominated you for a blog award:

Elena said...

Hi Gigi, me again from Italy. I posted on snow (Words as white as snow), too, because we had a lot in Northern Italy last night! Apart from this, may I invite you to visit the following site containing plenty of Flash cards that I translated in Spanish for a blog friend? http://www.mammafelice.it/2009/11/21/carte-tematiche-tradotte-in-spagnolo