Friday, February 19, 2010

No heat in home = No school at home!

This week has been a very strange week. We spent 5 days without gas in our home. This means no heat, no stove, and no hot water. Our home is almost 100 years old and it was renovated before we moved in. The upstairs which has the Master Bedroom and what will be the babies room has electric heat. All downstairs is heated by gas. So we all slept in the Master bedroom. We went to my Mom's for showers and I just stayed there with the kids after they got out of school until it was time to come home and go to sleep. My Mom's house is close to the kids school so this was convenient. I did not want to pack so that is why we slept at home!

Anyhow, the gas problem was the entire street. There was water leaking into the gas lines and it took the companies crew 5 days to figure out where the leak was. Very miserable since we woke up to freezing temperatures every day in those 5 days and since the crew worked non-stop 24 hours a day, I barely slept due to the noise outside.

This was the scene in front of our home. There were 8 trucks just on our block and many more all up and down the street.

So, we did not work on school this week.


Aly in Va said...

sounds awful, but thank goodness you had another place you could hang out at.

Gigi said...

Yes, it was so nice to hang out at Mom's because by the second day with all of us in one room, the kids started to fight A LOT. We need room to spread out and run around!!!

Mia said...

Sorry to hear about your heat loss. I also have my kids learning Spanish (and Chinese) and I have found some useful products to keep them exposed to Spanish beyond their lesson. I blog on this at See Black Navigation Bar entry: Foreign Languages.

Hope you find it useful!

Pragmatic Mom

Karen said...

Hay que terrible!!, pero nada como pasar tiempo con Mami!!! verdad??, yo voy casi todos los dias!!!lol