Thursday, February 4, 2010

We learn all day long.

One thing that I like to do is have little works/learning activities all around the house. I always find a way to turn everything into a learning activity. Here is one example:

This large movable alphabet was upstairs in the Master Bedroom with paper and pencil. Bella then brought down to the kitchen table some letters and I left them on the breakfast table for breakfast/lunch time conversation. Sweet boy and I made lots of words together while having lunch the other day. Bella likes to trace the letters and say their sound.

These little books are beginning sound books. There is one little book for each letter of the alphabet. Bella loves these little books.

Sweet boy is finally really getting into reading. He wanted to read ALL of the Bob Books! Here the kids are in the kitchen.

And here are the kids working on the hundred board. Sweet boy loves the hundred board. Bella is learning a lot from her big brother!

Some other items I have around the house: puzzles, books, legos, and games.


Gaby said...

These are great! I like to have educational toys around within easy reach too for my boy.

Adriana said...

You look so organized! I try to have activities ready like these also. If all else fails we bring out the puzzles, Legos, or Play doh.

Karen said...

Great idea Gigi!!!, Bella looks so chik with her sunglasses!! and sweet boy so handsome!!

Nice to hear from you!! How it's Peanut???

Big Hugs

Aly in Va said...

Looks like a productive and fun day.