Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Music Theater - Cats

I am 38 weeks pregnant and feeling GREAT!! I do get tired and the normal swelling/discomforts but otherwise with lots of energy. My husband, the kids and I had last week off for Spring Break. The weather was FANTASTIC. One of the things we did was attend a Family Music Theater Presentation of Cats at my College. We have three musical productions a year, all adapted for families. Many of the kids in these productions are homeschool kids from the Colleges surrounding area. These productions are INCREDIBLE. I thought the kids might not last through the 2 hours of Cats but they absolutely LOVED it!

Here they are with their favorite cats!

The kids have always loved the theater. It is amazing how still Bella is during a theatrical production. She is my child that does not stop moving but since she was one years old and she started attending these, she just sat and watched!

I highly recommend checking out your local Community College for great and affordable activities for the kids. We attend the Music Practices, Music Performances, and Theater. The kids have been interested in pottery so I am planning on taking them to the pottery lab this summer or Fall to get a tour and see the process of pottery making. Community Colleges also have lots of summer activities for the little ones.

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Adriana said...

We have never taken the boys to a play. I did not think that they would sit through it. I am going to check out that one. Thanks! I am so glad that you are feeling well!