Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sweet Boy has really been getting into sewing! These are felt sewing kits with little holes that came from Michael's. Sweet boy was not able to do this last year but can do it now. It is difficult because the felt is soft and adds a little challenge. Bella cannot do this work.

Here is the heart finished. He said he made the heart pillow for his baby brother! I did not help him stuff it or finish it off. I only helped when he got the string tangled up! I do have to add that he did get frustrated a few times and I just helped him see how he could untangle or go back if he messed up.

Here is Bella doing sewing cards. I got these princes sewing cards at a garage sale. They are made out of cardboard. Much easier for her.

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Karen said...

Wow!!! what a beatiful work!! lovely. So happy you're bloggin!! I missed you!!!
Big hugs,