Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had this display up for the past month.  This is a table between our kitchen and dinning, 
Works Found here:
- Label the Oceans


These labels are fantastic for Bella since she is just starting to read,   The color of the font matches the continent color.

If you are not familiar with the Montessori Method here is a short explanation of how this material is used and at what age.

Ages: 3 and 4

-Will be presented with each continent.  The teacher traces with her finger the continent puzzle piece and says the name.  The child is encouranged to do the same.  3 period lesson is done.

-Child will match the puzzle pieces to the posterboard.

-Child will pin punch the continents.  You can have these pre-traced on construction paper that matches your puzzle pieces,

Ages 4 and 5

- the child can create a continent book with each continent colored.  They can write the continent names if writing. 

- Continent and Ocean Nomenclature.  Simple matching name to the continent.

Ages 3-5
Take the pin punched continents and make their own world map.  The students that are writing can label the continents.

Ages 6-9
- Continent and Ocean Nomenclature - these actually have the picture, the name and a card with information.

- The child has a notebook where they write the continent and ocean name and write their own information about the continent or ocean.  They DO NOT copy the definition from the nomenclature.

- The child can free hand their own continent map and color or paint and label. Pretty much they can do whatever they wish here.  If you provide felt they can create a felt map or map with construction paper or whatever other media you wish to have here for them to create their continent map.


Aly in Va said...

can't wait until my youngest gets old enough to try. My oldest has mastered it, but I didn't do a lot of extras at home with the works.

Karen said...

Me encanta Gigi!!!! Thanks for the idea!!! Hace mucho no trabajamos con los continentes!!!

Big Hug!!