Saturday, December 4, 2010

School Week 11 and 12

October 18th - 29th

Botany - The Pumpkin
After discussing the life cycle of a pumpkin we carved it and discussed it using some discussion questions I found on-line but currently cannot find.  I will keep looking and link back.

Field Trip to the Science Museum

The Museum had just opened the Dinosaur Exhibit

Practical Life
Sweet Boy has become more confident in making his breakfast and lunch.  Sandwiches, toast, pouring cereal and milk to name a few things.

Zoology - Study of Sponges

We spent two weeks studying the sponge.  Our studies always include 1.  A book  2. A trip somewhere to see a life specimen if possible and/or a video (YouTube)  3.  Three part cards  4.  Coloring Page/Labeling  5. Sometimes an Art Project

Both kids created their Personal Time Line - Read about this Lesson Here

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Karen said...

Love science!!!! love this post!! I looks like a very fun week!! and by the way... you're a great artist!!! love your picture!!