Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Chicken Coop at the Kids School

The middle school class with the help of the gardening teacher and probably parent volunteers built a new chicken coop at the kids Montessori School!

Do you see Bella in there!!

And sweet boy very carefully playing with a chicken!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Sweet Boy graduated from Kindergarten!

My Mom!

This was very sweet. The teachers said something about each child that was graduating! The teacher said that Sweet Boy is a big brother to all of the 3 year olds. He is very good and sweet with them. That he loves math and language and would do language cards after language cards after language cards!! His favorite Math work was the 45 layout~ True, I heard about it almost every day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mural in Baby's Room is Done!

The beautiful mural is done! This was created by one of my husbands high school seniors. Thank you Jordan, our sweet boy is going to really enjoy it!

Here is the beautiful tree!

Cuddly cub looking at tree close to the floor for the baby to enjoy!

These birds are next to where the rocking chair will be so he can enjoy them while on my shoulder!

I will post more pictures of the room as I finish getting it ready. The baby has taken a few naps in his new room already but not for the night yet! He is sleeping SO WELL. He is getting up one time in the middle of the night. I am loving life again!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Materials, Materials, Materials!

Here is a list of the materials I purchased recently. Majority are math and geometry since I already had the basic language materials. Most of these have arrived. There are a few items on back order that should arrive at the beginning of June.

Constructive Triangles - 3 boxes
Box of Blue Triangles
Geometric Solids
Stamp Game
9 Wooden Thousand Cubes
45 Wooden Hundred Squares
Bead Units
Introduction to Decimal Symbols Tray
Bead Decanomial
Sand Paper Numbers
Red Rods
Red and Blue Rods
Geometric Cabinet, Control Chart and Cards
Sound Boxes
Binomial Cube
Metal Fraction Circles with Stand
Small Wooden Cards
Multiplication Bead Board
Division Bead Board
Basic Wooden Grammar Symbols

I also purchased four shelves at Target (redecorate brand) that were on Sale for $14. Here is a picture of one put together. Deep materials like Hundred Board and Moveable Alphabet fit perfect.

I'm not sure if I had posted about this. But we had a Montessori School here that closed and I purchased from them all of the Botany and Zoology printed materials for Primary and Elementary. (Example: all of the Parts-of with definitions and stories). I paid $40. Awesome price! I did not purchase any of their wooden materials because they were Nienhuis so they were VERY expensive even at 30% of their current price and 15 years old.

I have printed lots of materials we will be using but still need to cut and maybe laminate. I am considering NOT laminating. I never laminated my Spanish materials and they have survived just fine. We'll see! I am very short on time these days!!
Here what I have printed: Blue Language Series, Green Language Series, Tens Board, Bead Stair Worksheets, Addition Work, Geometric Solid Matching, Vowel Tree Blue, Blue Triangles Command Cards. These have either come from Montessori For Everyone OR

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Featured on Three Blogs!!

Here are three blogs my blog was mentioned on. Thank you to these blogs for listing Montessori Spanish! Very exciting!

50 Must-Read Montessori Blogs

A great resource: a list of 50 "must read" Montessori blogs with a brief description of each. I'm was so excited to be mentioned along with 49 other great Montessori blogs! I still have not had time to go through all of these blogs. I am excited to check-out many of these blogs I have not seen before!

Resources for Bilingual Homeschoolers - a list of links that they hope will be of some use to bilingual homeschoolers. Some of them are just great links of homeschooling in general, others are specifically related to bilingual homeschooling. I am delighted they listed my blog!

The Montessori Goldmine

Jo from A bit of this and a bit of that, one of the very first Montessori Blogs I started to read, has created this new blog as a central point to share all the wonderful Montessori ideas that are shared around the net. Great idea Jo!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I will Survive!!!

Is this a great print or what!!

Find it here

It has been a while! Today I feel so good. Time heals all wounds and this wound was a big one! My first C-section and this one were very difficult but now I am feeling so much better!

The baby is doing great. He is already so big! I had forgotten how much time a newborn takes. :-) Plus, I spend extra time just laying with him, smelling him, kissing him, having the kids hold him and kiss him!!

These days I do not get much computer time. This is a good thing because I am having problems with my right hand. It looks to be carpal tunnel syndrome. Yikes! Did you know that this can be caused by fluid retention during pregnancy? Mine started towards the end of my pregnancy. Any advise?

Well, I have lots to talk about since it has been so long! It will take a few posts so here is what's to come!

Blogs I've been mentioned on:

Materials I've purchased:

Other purchases for our home school:

Curriculum planning for Fall:

Stay tuned!