Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Volcano Study

Our Volcano Study began after I purchased a small Smithsonian volcano kit from Walgreens for about $7.

I googled the kit but could not find it.  I did find this set from the Smithsonian store that includes 6 science kits.  It includes the one we used.

Here is a small change I made to the kit so that I could put the string on faster.  The string makes the volcano shape.  You are suppose to put it through these little holes ( I am NOT that patient).  So, I just got some scissors and cut the little holes so they are open and then you just press the string INTO the card board.  See close-up picture above.

What else did we do?
1. Read books above Volcano's

2. Watched You Tube Video's of Volcano's.  The videos allow them to experience the lava.

3. Around this time we did the Layers of the Earth Lesson.  Here are some free Layers of the Earth Cards.

The kids really enjoyed coloring a layers of the earth and volcano coloring page.

ETC Press Inc. has free Parts of Volcano 3 Part Cards

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