Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Update - Turning 2 Years Old!!

I figured I would start with updates on the kids.  Baby(now big boy) is turning 2 this week so we will start with him!

Big boy works hard hard every day.  He is determined to do IT, whatever IT may be: walk, talk, feed himself, go down the stairs, etc...  What is so simple and easy for typical children takes so much effort and energy for a child with Down Syndrome.  I get to see each developmental stage that usually goes by so fast the first year at slow speed.  What is it that a child has to do to walk?  If you only knew all that has to happen and how strong all those muscles from your head to toe need to be, you would be surprised. 

So Big Boy is now cruising (which means he walks with one hand on any piece of furniture an he walks with a toy walker.

Walking Time!

Walking Time!

 Big boy also works hard at exploring EVERYTHING!  I have lost 5lbs since he started getting into everything!!

Making a mess!

Big boy is signing and has picked up the rate at which he learns new signs.  He understands and signs when words are said in English or Spanish.   So, exciting.

Big boy has therapies weekly.  He has Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Group Physical Therapy, Group Aquatic Physical Therapy, and an overall Developmental Session.  He is still attending a KinderMusic class which he absolutely loves.

Favorite OT!

Big boy has now begun to copy all sounds that you make.  He speaks 3-4 words. "Yay, Bye, Bye, Mama and Dada"

Big boy is a great sleeper!  He sleeps straight from 7pm-6am.  He has done this since very early in his life.  He is taking one to two naps a day.  He is moving to that one nap a day.  He gets very very tired after therapies and playgroups or music class.

Big boy LOVES to be outside but then what kid doesn't!!  His loves are music and outside.

In our backyard.  Big Boy loves to swing and Mommy #2 loves to help!

Mommy #2!


Evenspor said...

I can't believe he is two already! Thanks for sharing all this. :-)

Annicles said...

How lovely to get an update. He looks gorgous and what a character!!

Gigi said...

Thank you for the comments! Annicles, he is definitely a character!

Karen said...

Gigi!! He's doing AMAZING!! Estoy muuy emocionada de leer este post, me encanta ver el trabajo que Big Boy esta haciendo!! como dices... que trabaja muy muy duro., Dale un besote de mi parte!! y dile que estoy muuuy orgullosa de el!!!! y por supuesto!!!!... me fascina mommy #2!!!!! Que bella!!!!! Te felicito amiga!!! LO ESTAS HACIENDO ESPECTACULAR!!!.... ya te habia dicho, Dios siempre elige a personas muuuy especiales!!!! Un abrazote!!! los quiero!!

pd...(falto sweet boy)!!

Gigi said...

OMG Karen! Me vas hacer llorar! You are gong to make me cry. I have missed you! Next posts are on Sweet Boy and Bella!