Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Language Cabinets

There are two cabinets of Language Materials in our classroom. 

  • Top Shelf:  Fish bowl with creative writing prompts – Grammar Symbols – Large Grammar Symbols for presentations, basket with parts of speech work for advanced students or 3rd levels,  3ring binder with how to write different types of letters and reports and the grammar symbols chart in front of it, SRA’s Box (SRA is a reading comprehension work.  The child reads a story and answers questions based on the reading.  The stories start easy, one paragraph, and by the time the children are 2nd levels the stories become longer)
  • Second  Shelf: Grammar work for 1st and 2nd levels– Two baskets with color pencils  and grammar symbol stencils.
  • Third and Fourth shelves  – Sentence Analaysis


  • Top Shelf:  Moveable Alphabet, phonic packets,  sight words

  • Second Shelf: Phonic packets and Dictionary Work
  • Third Shelf: Tackle boxes with Grammar Work

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