Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Practical Life at Home

I want my first post to be about Practical Life because this is something I work on every day. It will also give you an insight into how I arrange my home.

Here is a list of things I have done to make sure my home is prepared for my children to practice practical life activities.

1. I have a column of 4 drawers in my kitchen. The 3 bottom drawers are setup for the children. In one drawer I have the utensils. The next drawer is all of their cups and the last drawer is plates and bowls.

2. Snacks are all at their reach in the pantry along with napkins and straws.

3. The fruits and vegetables are in the drawers in the refrigerator.

4. I have a small jug for water and one for juice.

5. I need a step stool, currently they drag one of the chairs around to get to the sink.

Living Room:
1. My coffee table is clear of any decorating items. I have two chairs in the living room which they move to the coffee table and use for activities.

2. I have two small shelves with puzzles, games and books.

3. The TV is in a cabinet and doors kept closed. Out of site, out of mind!

Dinning Room:
I use the dinning room as the work room. Since the kids are at home with me all summer, this is their school room for the summers.

I have one bookcase with art and craft items,

One bookcase with games, math and science activities and one bookcase with language. On the language bookcase I have two shelves for Spanish Language things and one for English. Once my kids begin school again in the Fall, I will probably just have Spanish on there since they do not learn this at school. I want to stay away from having anything on the shelves they already have at school.

In the dinning room I also have a cabinet with all of my extra teaching materials and craft materials.

Kids Bathroom:
1. Step stool to sink

2. Accessible toothbrushes, tooth paste, small cup and soap

3. Low hook for towel. I have taught my son how to find the middle of the towel so he can hang up the towel on the hook.

4. An small mirror placed at their height.

Kids Bedrooms:
These are pictures of my sons bedroom. My daughters is setup just about the same. She has a little bed, little dresser and night table, play kitchen and dolls.

1. Closet extensions so they can hang up and choose their clothes.

2. Accessible clothes drawers with items sorted. Shorts in one drawer, shirts in another, underwear/socks in another, pajamas in another, etc... You can also use baskets within big drawers to separate things.

3. Toys are kept to a minimum. Everything has its place and I rotate toys.

4. What I have left to do is label. I am slowly working on that!

I want to add that my daughters Montessori teacher did come to our home to advice me on things we could do to setup our home.

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Laura said...

It looks great. You have given me some good ideas to put into practice here at home. Thanks!