Friday, July 25, 2008

Spanish 3 Part Cards and Poker Chips!!

These are Spanish 3 part cards I downloaded from

My kids do not do these on their own yet. I start by placing the control cards on the rug and ask them in Spanish "What is this?" for each control card so that I can see which ones they do not know in Spanish. I will then grab one of the words (in this example a name of a fruit, let's say apple) and ask in Spanish "Where is the apple". My son will grab the apple and place it under the control card of the apple and place the name under that. At my school all of the pre-school and Elementary classrooms have Spanish 3 part cards for all of the vocabulary that is taught. They also have little books with the pictures (like a little book with all of the fruits). The children color the pictures and write the name of the fruit under it.

The last thing I want to write about is these Poker Chips I got today at a garage sale for $2. It solved my problem with the rocks. I am using 55 blue poker chips for the counting work. Do you have any other ideas of what I could do with these? I have about 75 chips of each color!


Jen Raiche said...

Hmm...The poker chips could be used for the cards and counters activity that you used rocks for. Or, for a spindle box activity--rather than spindles use the chips.

Also, just plain 'ole color sorting - beginning with a bowl of mixed chips and sorting the blue, red, yellow, etc. into individual bowls.

What a nice blog! Where/how do you plan to take your Montessori training? I'm hoping to do the same, but online. Maybe next year. I've got 3 boys (and one more on the way) and I think training would be a valuable asset if I am to homeschool all of them. =)

Gigi said...

Hi Jen,
Thank you for the nice comment! I also loved looking at your blog. You have your hands full with 3 boys and 1 on the way!

I actually started my training today and will be posting about it as soon as I get a chance tonight. It is through a training center near my home. I have heard really great things about the online trainings through the playschool6 yahoo group. If you are not part of that group, that is a wonderful homeschooling group.