Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spanish at Home

“When you learn a new language you gain another world.” Goethe

Here are a few tips and resources for supplementing your child’s Spanish at home.
I got many of these ideas from:

These are also great ways to start teaching your child Spanish from home.
1. Supplement with library books, books on tape, dvd's and cd's! Check everything out. You might be surprised by what your child gravitates towards. Some children like flipping through picture dictionaries in Spanish; others might like the more vivid pictures in a picture book. Also, see if your library has Spanish or Bilingual Story Time.

2. Shows in Spanish. On Demand television has Spanish Kids shows like Dragon Tales, Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, Angelina Balerina in Spanish. These are found under PBS Kids - Espanol. Try the library or order online if you do not have on demand.

3. Watch DVDs in Spanish. Many DVDs have Spanish as a language option. For example, my children have watched “Cinderella”, “A Bug’s Life”, "Toy Story" and many Baby Einstein DVD’s in Spanish. If they have seen the DVD before, it’s actually better, for the child will know the story and plot and character. Note: they may only want to listen for a few minutes. Stop and try it again another day. My son actually likes to watch them in French also if available.

4. Play Spanish games like Bingo. You can make Bingo cards with the vocabulary you are working on. Check out the websites I’ve included below. They not only include games, but songs and many other activities to help with the basic vocabulary and some advanced.

5. Put sticky notes everywhere. For the older children write down vocabulary words for the week and stick them onto whatever you are practicing.

6. Let an older sibling practice with a younger sibling. An older sibling can read and sing with a younger sibling.

Games, Activities and Songs -
Storyplace -
Interactive Clifford Storybooks -

DVD’s and CD’s
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Song in Spanish – Baby Einstein: Baby da Vinci:The DVD and CD are Available. The DVD is not a different DVD than the English version. You can choose English, Spanish and French on this DVD as a language option. The Baby Einstein about the Farm is also in Spanish.
Beth Mannners' Fun Spanish For Kids (Bilingual Stories and songs)
Sold on Spanish - Frog Street Press (Bilingual Songs). Use the CD only if the kids are under 4 and the book activities with kids over 4 years of age.
José-Luis Orozco- We love Mr. Orozco. De Colores and Diez Deditos CD’s.
Teach me Spanish By Judy Mahoney

Happy Learning!

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