Sunday, September 28, 2008

Montessori Elementary Training - Zoology

Well, I have been gone a while from my blog. I've been so busy with work. I started teaching Spanish at the Montessori School the 16th of this month, plus my College work, volunteering at the school and my Montessori Trianing, it has been a little hectic.

I had my first part of the Zoology training this past weekend. We will be meeting 3 more times to finish Zoology and Botany. We meet 8 hours a day on weekends. My instructor for the science training is amazing. She was a Science major and you can tell how much she likes it! Here are some pictures of the lessons. I did not have my camera one day so I still need to get those pictures from another student.

Phylum Porifera

Phylum Cnidaria

A cute art project for the Phylum Mollusca.

We ended on Sunday by talking about the Biomes and how our Instructor teaches her students about the Biomes, ie: Grasslands, Desert, Tundra, Freshwater, Marine, Forest. This picture is of her example of her little animals and plants from the Desert Biome. She made a really cute Desert print bag for these items. She keeps the Biomes in separate plastic drawers for the children to explore. She poses questions like: What color are most of these animals? Why? They discuss the cactus and why it has thorns. They discuss the amount of rainfall, what these animals eat and drink.....