Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping at Goodwill

I use to love to shop at Goodwill and had not done it lately until I saw a post on MontessoriFreeFall. The minute I read her Goodwill post which I cannot find right now, I went to Goodwill! I only had 30 minutes to shop because Goodwill was closing but I found some great things in a short amount of time. I will be making another trip soon!

This $3 game I will use with my kids to practice the names of family members an pets in Spanish and the rooms of the house. "Is the baby in the kitchen"! Upstairs? Downstairs? You could make this game from poster board and laminate and make the people and laminate them also.

These are some desk accessories that I have not determined their use yet but I am sure I will find something for them! Only $1 each.

I also found another game that I want to use with my Spanish classes to work on numbers and adding. I did not even get to look at all of the books, puzzles, toys, baskets, containers, etc...

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