Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things I've learned

Here are a few things my son has shared with me about what he has learned.

What he has learned that he has shared

When I ask him what he has learned he says "nothing". Later in the day, usually at dinner or before bed he will share with us something he has learned. He has shown me how to pick up and move a chair correctly and quietly, pick up and put down a heavy object, carry a tray and softly put it back on the shelf, roll a work rug, and he tells me "we respect the materials, that is one of the ground rules". I just love it when I see him do these things because I tried so hard to teach him these things over the summer but he was never interested.

Just yesterday he picked up an art piece I have in the middle of the dinner table. I asked him to please put it back because it might break. He said "let me show you how to put it down". With both hands he slowly and gently returned the art piece on the table and said quietly "did you hear that!". He then went on to say "I am going to pretend that I am going to work with the stamps (the stamps on my art shelf on a tray)" He picked them up and said "See you pick them up with both hands" he sat the tray down...picked it up again and walked back to the shelf and put the tray on the shelf again and sad "you put it back softly".

His Classroom

I took this picture after the kids had setup for nap time so the classroom is a little messy. It is a very large classroom.

You will notice taped to the windows the kids bean experiments. The children started their unit on seeds and plants with an “experiment” today and I got to help out. Each child placed a lima bean in a plastic bag that also contains a moist paper towel.

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