Sunday, October 26, 2008

Training History 2:Development Of The Notion Of Time - Measurement of Days and Grouping Days Into Weeks

Measurement of Days
The Montessori and Research manual suggests to use a pull off calendar to help the children understand the Measurement of Days. The children would tear one day each morning and place it on a bulletin board or cardboard in the space provided. This could be your classroom calendar. The children can create their own calendars in their history notebooks and record what they do each day.

Grouping Days Into Weeks
In this lesson we ask the children what they notice how the days of the week are organized. You can show the children a monthly calendar. (The calendar organizes the days into groups of seven). Discuss where seven originated from.
In this lesson we then go into the names of the days, the Latin name of each day and what they mean. You can talk about each day of the week on separate days and Sunday on Monday and Saturday on Friday.

In this picture you see the Days of the Week classified nomenclature material.

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