Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween & Fall at our home

I absolutely LOVE Fall and Halloween. I love all seasons and holidays but to me this is just the best time of the year! At our home my husband and I both love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas. I think my husband may enjoy it more than me :-)

This is a picture of the Art shelf at our home and how I changed it up for Fall and Halloween.

This is another shelf with other things for the kids to do with a Halloween theme.

The basket at the top is filled with Halloween and Fall books. Our nap and bed time stories come from this basket these days.

I have a tracing tray with Halloween cookie cutters and Playdough tray with black and orange playdough and molds from a pumpkin carving set.

It is wonderful to work at a Montessori school because I get so many ideas on things to do at home with my children and their toys. It is all about how you display them, rotate them, and organize them.

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Laura said...

I LOVE your shelves at home. I need to set up more stuff like that for my boys at home. Thanks for the inspiration.