Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spanish Montessori Week 2

The Primary children are always on the rug in a circle for Spanish. There is at least one teacher that stays in the room while I teach. The teacher(s) participate and learn the songs so they can help the kids when I am not there. These classrooms have Spanish activities on the shelf. I will post pictures later of these.

The second week we reviewed our songs using slow and fast for the head, shoulders, knees and toes song. Reviewed the song "Vamos a Cantar" by Jose-Luis Orozco. "Now we are going to sing" The kids act out verbs. I like to add a new one when I see fit that relates to maybe a book we read or what we are talking about that particular week or month.

We also sang "Que llueva" Let it Rain - this song is about animals in the Forest going in a cave when it rains. The kids pick the animal we put in the cave.

Lower Elementary:

The lower elementary students are also on a rug in a circle but we get out of the circle to do activities.

The first 15 minutes of the second week the students were given a lesson on school and classroom items. I want them to get familiar with school and classroom items so that in week three we can play "Tengo" which is like Bingo with school and classroom items.

To review and introduce the names of the school and classroom items, I put the items in my backpack. Each student pulls something out of my "Mochila"-Backpack. I had pre-made the names of each item on white strips of paper so we could place the label and item together. For the classroom items like desk, chair, calendar, the Spanish teacher, etc. the students placed the labels on or next to the items. After we went through the items twice, I passed out the strips of paper and everyone had to place them in the correct place. I only introduced 6 items each day. Everyone had a turn. We sang the song "Que Llueva" which we had done once or twice last year. All of the children really love this song because they get to pick an animal to put in the cave.

This is work on the shelf for the Lower Elementary Students.

Upper Elementary:

Upper Elementary worked on a script to interview each other. I gave the students a list of questions and answers we already know and we added a few things they wanted to find out like "Do you like ___________" "What is your favorite _____________". The students are paired up and will take turns on being the interviewer and the one being interviewed. I will be video recording the students once they are ready to present. They really had fun with this activity.

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I wonder if you do Spanish immersion with your students?