Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zoology and Botany Elementary I Training

This weekend we finished Zoology and started Botany. This was a make-up weekend because we did not meet in August. Therefore, we will be in training two weeks from now finishing Botany and starting History.

In the last part of Zoology we covered Fish, Amphibian, Reptile, Bird, and Mammal. After going through the lessons for each of these we created an art project with different mediums. We were asked to observe the live animal for each of these groups and make the animal with the medium given. We were not given direction on how to make the animal just given the different art supplies.

For the fish we were given water colors.
For the reptile we were given construction paper, water colors, and colored pencils.
For the Amphibian we were given green tissue paper.
For the Mammal we were given different materials like felt, tissue paper, colors, shiny and flat material.

Someone took group pictures of everyones art work. I will get those up as soon as I get them in my hands! The main point of these craft activities were to not give children a model to make their animal from but just to give them the art materials and let them come up with whatever they want. The other thing was that we had to make these while observing the live animal. Very important to actually have a live animal to observe.

This craft activity would be done after the initial presentation the animal where you discuss its needs. You will want to give the kids a few days to observe the animal before going into detail about its parts. You can have them observe the animal and read books about the animal that you have for them on the shelf.

A few pictures from the end of Zoology

In Botany we covered The Root, The Stem, and The Leaves.

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