Monday, November 24, 2008

All in a days work!

My husband was out of town for 4 days this past week and I was sick most of that time. I finally felt better on Sunday so I worked on house chores which the kids helped with and they also worked a lot with the works on the shelves. Here is a few pictures of their Sunday morning.

The kids come in and out of the backyard while working. I love our backyard. It is big and shaded by an almost 100 year old Pecan tree.

My sweet girl! She is getting very good at these. These are creative memories patterns.

Stamping. After this, he ended pulling out ALL of our stamps and stamped his heart away and colored them all in!

Leaf Rubbing.

My sweet boy! He is adding a leaf next to the leafless tree! He said he needed to draw the leaves that had fallen!

Playdough, a daily favorite. I purchased Christmas cookie cutters for the playdough and intended to put them out in December but my son knew I had purchased them and was eager to get them out!

Washing Dishes.

A puzzle. We just got this one. My son always wants my help the first time he gets a new puzzle. He then does it over and over and over again until he has mastered it. I personally LOVE puzzles. When I grew up my parents did not have a lot of money. My mom said that puzzles were the most inexpensive toys she could purchase for us so she bought a lot of them for us! As a child we played lots of board games, cards games and worked on puzzles. My father loves board games and cards games and I loved how we spent hours playing these games. He is a mathematician so I learned probability with cards games!

My son comes home everyday from school writing a letter or number he worked on that day at school. Here is K and k.

And our calendar. I changed it up last month because they were not at all interested in it. I just purchased an English Calendar and added the names of the week in Spanish under the names of the week in English.

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MoziEsmé said...

Looks like a busy, fun, educational time!