Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My daughters teacher and I were talking about recycling the other day and she told me how she had kept all of her recycling on the counter for one day to see the amount that is recycled. I did this Sunday and here is the amount of recycling I accumulated. Sunday is my shopping day so I did organize and clean out the pantry and fridge so there may be a little more to recycle than a week day.

That evening my children and I then took all of this to our backyard were we have our recycling bin. We chanted recycle, recycle as we took all of the recycle out! I need to get them to help me more often to take items to the recycling bin. It is great that they are growing up in a world where we emphasize recycling at schools and work, where they hear almost daily how we can conserve energy, water, and living green.

The schools do such a great job talking about recycling that my children will get on to me if I put something in the trash that is suppose to be recycled!

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