Friday, December 26, 2008

Geography Training Part 3

Political Geography: The Geography Cabinet
The geography cabinet introduces the political landforms on a sensorial
level. Elementary level children without Primary experience will be
introduced to all of the continents first to get a concept of the whole.
Then focus on the child's country, state, and city.

The organization of the geography cabinet depends on where the child
lives. The pattern is: the world, the child's continent, the child's
country, the continents nearest and the child's country.
For a child that lives in the United States the organization would be:
the World, North America, United States, South America, Europe, Asia,
Africa, and Australia.

Materials used with the geography puzzle maps are:
The second and third globes, paper for drawing the maps, labels, control
maps for each puzzle, and blank maps for each puzzle map.

The World Puzzle Map

If we need a map to help us get around can we put a globe in our pocket?
This is how our trainer started this lesson. She proceeded to draw a
quick outline of the world on a grapefruit and then cut the peel of the
grapefruit and flatten it to take us from the 3D to the 2D map.

The children can now conduct a geography self-test of the World and
Ocean Research.


Anna said...

What a fantastic idea - I'll be buying a grapefruit!

Amber said...

WHat a good idea that is! I've been pondering how to connect the globe & maps this week & this is perfect. Thanks :)