Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Week in Spanish


Last week in the primary classrooms I added another part to the "Pin Pon" song. I talked about the song in this post. I taught the first part before Christmas break and now the second half after Christmas break.

I am reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar "La Oruga Muy Hambrienta" this week so to learn the fruits mentioned in the book I had a basket with one fake fruit of each (apple, strawberry, orange, plum, and pear) and we sang "Pasame la manzana, pasame la manzana, pasame la manzana, pass me the apple". This comes from the CD Sold On Spanish. As we sang the song we passed the fruits around the circle. I took the opportunity to ask "what is this fruit?" and "what color is this fruit?"

Lower and Upper Elementary

In these classes we will begin playing the game "Guess Where?" in a few weeks.
The game is played like battle ship. You place your family in rooms (mom in upstairs bath, dog in downs stairs bedroom, etc...) and then try to guess where your partners family is located. First person to get them all wins! To prepare the students for this game we have started to learn "the family", "la familia".

On the shelf the students have 3 part cards for the family members and worksheets to write down the names (sister - hermana, grandmother - abuela, etc...). This work was already on the shelf when I came to this school. Here is a post about what is on the Spanish Shelf.

In upper elementary we began writing sentences like "My mom is Mary.", "My dad is Joe." and answer to question "Where is Mom?" "Mom is upstairs" "Mom is downstairs".

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