Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Geometry Training: Geometry Cabinet Elementary

In the elementary school, the presentation is at the level of words. We appeal to the imagination. In the elementary school, we give the name of the figure and then proceed to a type of the three-period lesson. The lesson is in the form of a conversation about the figures, their names, and properties. We give the name of the figure and some information about it, either the derivation of the name or some interesting point about its shape.


Lay out the regular polygons without naming them and ask the children what they observe about them.
The presentation for these shapes asks you to dramatically roll the shape and ask what kind of ride would you have with each shape. First start by asking what kind of ride would they have on a bicycle with wheels shaped like circles? (smooth) How about shaped like a decagon, as you roll it dramatically... how about a triangle, hexagon? etc...

The second lesson would be to actually have the children learn the names of each shape and number of corners or sides for each shape using the three-period lesson.

Activities children could do:
1. make a polygon booklet with the names of the shapes and a definition they make up themselves.
2. a poster of the shapes
3. match labels to the cards
4. art project: create animals using the shapes and name the animal
5. Geobards

In my manual there are one or two or even three lesson per drawer: Polygons(2 lessons), Quadrilaterals(1 lesson), Curved Figures(1 lesson), and Triangles(3 lessons).

My next post will be on the Triangle drawer since there is three lessons to this drawer.

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